Why Choose Healthcare Jewelry?

Our custom jewelry can be fashionable and good for health. The therapeutic magnets of jewelry produce a weak static magnetic fields to improve the blood circulation. These magnets are considered as healthcare materials for relieving pains and relaxing body.

Jelwery Custom

Jelwery Custom

Since 2006, Pingxiang has been devoted to manufacturing the custom jewelry. Our company can offer a broad variety of wholesale and retail jewelry, including healthcare bracelets, healthcare necklace, sterling silver chain bracelets, earrings and pendants. As a direct manufacturer, we control every step of the process. So we are able to guarantee the jewelry quality and deliver the jewelry on time. Our factory has a series of advanced equipment to support our production. We can provide the services as the following:

1. OEM service. Our team can manufacture your desired jewelry based on your drawing.
2. ODM service. According to your plan, our designers create a drawing and discuss it with you. After the final drawing is determined, our factory begins to produce your custom jewelry.
3. Modify our existing jewelry.

We primarily adopt non-precious metals such as stainless steel, titanium and tungsten. After the electroplating and surface finishing, they can be the custom jewelry with the same brilliance, hardness and look with precious metals. The more important thing is cost. The cost of non-precious metal is lower. Besides, our custom jewelry with magnets is good for health. The therapeutic magnets can produce a weak static magnetic fields to improve the blood circulation of body.

Located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, our company can purchase raw materials and accessories in near cities. The convenient location saves transportation expenses and brings more channels, which means that we can offer a broad variety of jewelry at a competitive price. Besides, our operators keep tight control over quality. All raw materials and accessories should be inspected strictly. Only the qualified materials can be used for our custom jewelry.

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